Imagine if all public government information were to become transformed into standardized, open data? The Data Coalition not only envisions this, they are the world’s only trade association that is completely dedicated to making this happen. Their sister organization, the Data Foundation, seeks to define an open future for our data for a better government and society through research, education, and programming.

BIGcontrols is thrilled to have recently joined the Data Coalition and we are bullish on a future with standardized data and the far reaching impact this would have. We will be attending Data Transparency 2017, the Data Foundation’s fifth annual open data policy conference which brings government leaders together with technology companies.

Today, the BIGcontrols product provides the private sector with business intelligence, automated lifecycle management, and a single system of record for their government incentives. Automating a proactive compliance system does require some heavy lifting from our development team—and this type of solution would be simplified with standardized data.

But the open data movement aligns with BIGcontrols in other key ways beyond a more simplified compliance system. A goal for the upcoming conference is for “government data (to be used) for public good, where recent reforms, like the DATA Act, are creating new resources that will improve policymaking and bring transparency”. A very similar dynamic is currently a key driver in the accounting space, specifically a part of the new accounting standard FASB Topic 832. Buy-side investors went to the SEC in search of increased transparency, and this transparency is the impetus behind FASB 832. As soon as this new standard becomes effective, the financial reporting requirements for government incentives will finally provide the transparency that investors have sought out for so long.

BIGcontrols is proud to have a product that is bringing ROI and efficiency to our corporate clients, and we look forward to bringing this same innovation to government agencies with our GovTech product. At Data Transparency 2017, our founder and CEO Scott Nelson will be seeking feedback from public sector leaders on where they need the most help.

Open and transparent data will be transformative. This movement will open up opportunities for powerful new technologies – like blockchain – to tie in both public sector and private sector data. BIGcontrols looks forward to supporting the vision of the Data Coalition at Data Transparency 2017, which is to “celebrate the potential of private-sector data to improve business and society”.

BIGcontrols is soliciting feedback from its Civic Leaders Advisory Group on its GovTech product under development. If you would like to join this group and participate in the future of GovTech, please submit your information in the form below.


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