It’s estimated that the United States has over 27 million entrepreneurs. So when Konsus recently released a list of top technology startup pitch decks and ranked BIGcontrols number 23, it says a lot about BIGcontrols and the value behind the mission of our company. Konsus based their listing on our presentation at 500 Startups, a leading technology incubator and investor which attracts the best and brightest technology innovators.

So what was it about BIGcontrols and its impact that caught their attention? To use the words of Konsus, “This startup helps companies minimize their compliance risk exposure and stop wasting millions of dollars”.

Scott Nelson, founder and CEO of BIGcontrols, gave this presentation at 500 Startups Demo Day. It was simple and to the point, consisting of only nine slides. The slides address these crucial topics:

  • The compliance risk exposure that companies face. For example, Apple was fined approximately $14.5 billion in Ireland for illegal tax benefits.

  • The protections that are provided by BIGcontrols, thanks to its automated workflow of customer data to a fully compliant system.

  • The growing number of companies interested in utilizing government incentives, an increase which has led to rapid rise in demand for the help that BIGcontrols provides. The list of BIGcontrols clients includes Accenture.

  • The incentives market exceeds $100 billion, and alarmingly about half of that is mismanaged and lost without a focused software solution in place such as BIGcontrols product.

  • Impending regulatory changes to be put in place by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) which will make BIGcontrol solutions increasingly indispensable to businesses looking to benefit from incentives.

BIGcontrols is delighted to be recognized in this list of technology leaders.